Z710-G Type DC Motor Z710-G Type DC Motor Z710-G Type DC Motor Z710-G Type DC Motor

Z710-G Type DC Motor

Motor Frame: 710 

Output(KW): 2300kW~2800kW 

Rated Voltage(V): 660V, 750V

Insulation Class: CLASS F 

Protection Class: IP44 

Mounting Type: IM1001, IM1002 

Methods of Cooling: ICW37A86 


Applied Industrial Field: Metallurgy


1. General Description:

Z710-G type DC Motors, with shaft height of 710 mm, are the newly-developed products for high-speed wire mill use of our corporation. Comparing with Z series medium DC motors, this type of motors has its own structure and performance features.

2. Working Conditions

1) The cooling air should not contain acid or alkalie materials. Which is harmful to the insulation and commutating performance of the motors.

2)The motors can reach its rated power under the working condition of less than 1000m seal level height 40℃ambient temperature.

3) The power source for the motors can be provided by static rectified power source or DC generator.

3. Type Symbol Description

Z 710-G XX

Z710-G Type DC Motor

4. Structure Features

As the frame is laminated with angular steel sheets, the type of motors is small in volume, light in weight and can be powered by silicon controlled rectified source. The motor is of Class F insulation. Insulation treatment of VPI applied to the motor makes the winding good in antihumidity performance, mechanical strength and insulation thermal conductivity. The armature core made up with silicon steel laminations has good magnetic conductivity.

The mounting of motor conforms to “Symbol for Types of Construction and Mounting Arrangement of Rotating Electric Machinery” specified in GB997 and IEC34-7.

Standard IM 1001 horizontal foot mounting with one cylindrical shaft extension.

Derivation IM 1002 horizontal foot mounting with two cylindrical shaft extension.

IP44 is adopted for the standard motors’ protection of this type. 

ICW37A86 is adopted for the cooling of this type motors.

5.Product performance  

1)Continuous working System(S1) is applied.

2)The standard rated voltage of this type motors are 660V and 750V.

3)Separate excitation is adopted for this type of motors. The excitation voltage is 220V and also can according to the requirement when ordering agreed. The actual excitation voltage must be conformed to the value when actual excitation current comes to the rated current.

Forced excitation is allowed with the voltage of less than 500V. During forced excitation, the transient excitation current can exceed the rated current slightly until the excitation current gets stabilized.

4)This type of motors can sustain the short time(1min) overload specified in the following list.

Z710-G Type DC Motor

(1)The occasionally used short time overload capability refers to the motors’ capability of sustaining continuous overload within 1 minute in emergent of unusual cases. The transient switching device of breaker is suggested to be rectified according to such capability.

(2)The often used short time overload capability, as a part of normal operating period, refers to the motors’ capability of sustaining overload repeatedly.

(3)After short time overload operation, light load operation is necessary to restrict the road root-mean-square of the whole load period within it continuous rating.

5)Current Variation

The allowable current variation(di/dt) of this type motors under all speeds and loads is 200 times of the rated current per second.

6)Noise and Vibration

The noise level and measuring method of this type motors conform to the Standard of GB10069.3.

The vibration level and measuring method of this type motors conform to the Standard of GB10068.2

6.Capacity Choosing

Referring to the technical data list, customers can choose motor’s type and specifications according to the required capacity, rotating speed, voltage and etc.

7.Technical Data

Applied to the cooling types of ICW37A86

Z710-G Type DC Motor

8.Out drawing & dimensions 

Bag-type air/water cooler(ICW37A86)

Z710-G Type DC Motor

Z710-G Type DC Motor